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We are introducing a new specialization in the BEng Mechanical Engineering degree programme i.e. CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), which will be offered at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering since October 2018. This course has been created to meet the current needs of the labour market and industry. All classes will be taught in English.

During this course the student will acquire basic academic knowledge and skills in the key mechanical areas such as design, calculation, simulation, manufacturing and operation of machines and their control.

Students will also have an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills in the science club „MESIK” focusing on the CAD – Computer Aided Drawing and CAE – Computer Aided Engineering.

While preparing the course content for teaching technical drawing, design, calculation and computer simulations, we consulted and took into account the suggestions and remarks of major local entrepreneurs who offer internships and placements for the students and graduates of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and where they can pursue their career upon completion of studies.

Employment opportunities:

  • design offices of enterprises in the machine, automotive, arms, aviation and mining industries,
  • entities dealing with the automation of technological processes,
  • institutes carrying out research and development programmes (R & D).

Here are a few sample topics included in the course:

  • Advanced CAD systems
  • Basics of the Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Computer structural analysis
  • Numerical modeling of fluid – structure interaction (CFD, FSI)
  • Modern construction materials
  • 3D printing
  • Optimization of construction
  • Mechatronics and Automatics
  • Programmable Logic Controllers PLC
  • Experimental methods in materials science and nanotechnology


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