Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Humanistyczny im. Kazimierza Pułaskiego w Radomiu


High school graduates!
In just a moment, you will face one of the most important choices in your life. If you want to develop your passions and acquire valuable skills that will prepare you for your dream job, choose studies at the Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom and discover your possibilities!

Why is UTH Radom worth choosing?

  • We offer free full-time studies, and part-time studies with affordable tuition fees.
  • For many years we have been educating specialists in many scientific fields: technical, law, economic, pedagogical, artistic, humanities and medical, at 8 faculties and in 30 fields of study.
  • We put particular emphasis on combining theory with practice and the use of modern techniques in education. Under the supervision of our experienced teaching staff, our students benefit from laboratories equipped with specialized software and equipment.
  • We enable apprenticeships, during which students gain valuable experience during their studies. We give you a chance to establish contacts and get your dream job in many industry-leading companies.
  • To meet the expectations of the dynamically changing labor market, the educational offer of the University is constantly being expanded.
  • We provide extensive opportunities for Erasmus + abroad studies and apprenticeship in many European Union countries, including: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and countries outside the EU, e.g. Turkey.
  • We have about 1000 places in 4 dormitories fully adapted to the needs of the tenants.
  • We provide support in the form of scholarships and allowances. Students with the academic, artistic or professional achievements are awarded with the Rector’s scholarship.
  • In addition to studying, we enable students to develop their passions and interests within the Scientific Clubs running at all Faculties and to participate in the cultural and sporting life of our University.

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